Jeep Safari or Elephant Safari: What is Your Pick?

by On Aug 21, 2014

Wildlife safari is an adventure that allows a wildlife freak to explore the deepest secrets of the wild. It takes tourists to the trails of untainted horizons of forests. Moreover, for enjoying wildlife photography in the best way, safari is the thing that should be carried out. Undertaking a safari does not only refer to scouting the forests of a specific area, but involves wildlife sanctuaries and national parks as well.

India boasts an assortment of such areas in which the wildlife safari can be relished amid the exquisiteness of verdant forests and abundant wild species prowling around. One such inviting wildlife haven is Jim Corbett National Park. It is no less than a dream destination for all those who love to scout the region blessed with invigorating wilderness. Cosseted in the foothills of the Himalayas in the state of Uttarakhand, Corbett is a preferred habitat of an engrossing population of tigers and many such exotic wildlife species. Among the safaris that can be carried out here, jeep safari and elephant safari are the most preferred among the tourists.

Elephant Safari: Riding on Giants in Corbett!

An elephant safari in Corbett is a wonderful way to explore the profound beauty of the forests while sitting on the back of a wild giant. The adventurers who love to travel around the nook and corner of an exquisite forested area choose elephant safari as their first preference.

There are several advantages linked with an elephant safari. Let’s take a look on the major pros of carrying out an elephant safari…

  • You can explore the deepest beauty of the wild, which is not possible in any other safari.
  • There is no need of prior booking for Corbett elephant safari. It caters on the first come first serve basis.
  • An elephant safari is eco friendly as no unwanted secretions are released into the environs. Thus you make an indirect effort in saving the environment by choosing this mode of safari.
  • No noisy sound is produced when you travel on the mammoth’s back and all that you get is free air. Thus, an elephant safari certainly provides you an exploration in a calm ambiance.
  • There is a sense of security while you are on an elephant safari. You will have a sense of safety on its top. The trained guides conduct these safaris hence all that you have to do is to relish the spectacle.
  • There is a perfect visibility of the forest when you are on the back of an elephant. The height of the giant helps in observing more area at an instance.

Jeep Safari: Scouting Corbett on Four Wheels!

Discovering the exquisiteness of Cobbett on a jeep is a preferred activity undertaken by the wildlife aficionados frequently. In Corbett, you need to book a jeep safari in advance so that you can avoid any chance of unavailability. Especially, if you are planning a long vacation here then you must book a jeep safari from the park authorities in advance.

With so many reasons, jeep safari is the preferred mode of jungle excursion. Let’s explore some facts that make jeep safari worth undertaking for the wildlife lovers.

  • Jeep Safari is the safest mode of jungle excursion. It has speed and you will also feel safer from the attack of wild animals.
  • While exploring the wild, you will also need a comfortable ride. Jeep Safari renders spectacular views of forests in an extremely comfortable ride. You get to relish the vistas while sitting on a relaxing seat that gives you a unique sense of luxury amid nature’s bounty.
  • While on the trip, maximum travelers have a certain limitations of time. Thus, time-consumption becomes the major factor while choosing a safari. As jeeps have speed, you can view maximum part of a park in lesser time; hence, it is a time saving safari.
  • Jeep Safari allows more flexibility in planning an itinerary. It will depend on your convenience.. While in case of the animal safaris, you have to take under consideration the animal’s routine and needs as well.
  • More areas of the park can be covered through jeep safari than any other mode of jungle safari.
  • More people (Up to six) can travel in jeep safari at once.

Elephant and Jeep Safaris: The Schedules and Zones

Both elephant and jeep safaris cater to an astounding wildlife excursion in Jim Corbett National Park. There are specific zones that are ideal for these safaris. Have a look on the below provided chart to know more about the timings and zones for elephant and jeep safari in Corbett.

Safari Type Zone Morning Evening
Jeep Safari Bijrani, Durga Devi, Jhirna, Dhikala (only for those who stay in Forest Lodges at Dhikala Zone)*(30 jeeps at one time) (Summers)06:00-09:00(Winters)07:00-10:00 06:00-08:00
Elephant Safari Bijrani (1 elephant)Dhikala (2 elephants) (only for those who stay in Forest Lodges at Dhikala zone) 06:00-08:00 03:00-05:00

Jim Corbett National Park is a peerless spot to scout bewitching wilds in the midst of the absorbing beauty endowed by Mother Nature. You may pick any of the jeep and elephant safaris here and can certainly clutch a handful of startling memories worth treasuring lifelong! Both the safaris are wonderful to explore verdant beauty. It’s you who has to make the choice between the four giant legs and four rapid wheels!