How to Better Facilitate Wildlife Sighting

by On Feb 03, 2014

India is a very fascinating country. There is an abundance of diversity in India, the biggest reason being the varied topography and the supporting climate. The country can be classified into 10 different bio-geographical zones, which can be further divided into 23 biotic provinces having their own ecosystems also known as biomes. From the frontiers of Ladakh inhabited by Snow Leopard to the tip of Kanyakumari inhabited by Tiger, India has abundance of wildlife species.

Indian wildlife needs no introduction. There are strict wildlife rules and regulation, which have to be followed. Relentless wildlife conservation efforts have helped many endangered species to flourish in the country. Result of which is that India is  the only home to the Asiatic Lions living in the wild, apart from being home to around 65% of Tigers and 85% Asian One Horned Rhino of the world. In a glance there are approximately 400 species of mammals, 1200 species of birds, 400 species of reptiles and around 2500 species of fishes inhabiting Indian waters.

National Parks and Wildlife Safaris
In India there are more than 500 National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Most of the National Parks have lavish accommodation while some are a real treat for woodland experience. Each National Park has its own significance, some known for their archaeological aspects, while some for their topography apart from their flourishing wildlife. Jungle safari wildlife tour is the best way to experience the wildlife in India. There are numerous safaris to choose from that will fulfill your thrust for wildlife sightings.

Wildlife Safari in Corbett
Corbett National Park is the finest and first National Park in India. Corbett was also the stepping stone of Project Tiger which contributed to the booming Tiger Population in India. There are certain obligations which you have to follow for safety reasons and in order to enjoy the safari. While undertaking any Jungle Safari in India, adhering to these rules and regulations or guidelines eventually helps you to enjoy more.

Each safari has its own perks, for example in Corbett Jeep Safari you get to cover larger distances in a shorter span. While you are in a safari you should be vigilant, and you must listen to what your guide says. Keeping your eyes and ears open helps to better understand nature which teaches you many new aspects of wildlife safari. The more patient you are, the more are the chances of seeing a wild animal in its natural habitat.

Important Tips to Enhance Wildlife Sighting
Trekking and travelling on unauthorized areas is prohibited as it can be risky for both you and the animals inhabiting the region. Don’t push your guide to let you go closer to the wildlife. Pay attention to what your guide, rest you are free to let your eyes wander- who knows you may get lucky and sight a rare species without the guide helping you. There are many flexible Wildlife tour packages that you can select from or get designed according to your needs and the number of people accompanying.

Indian Tiger Safari is amongst the most sought after wildlife safaris in India. The International Tourist that head to India should study about the climate of the National Park they are visiting. The temperature is usually warm during the day, but early morning can be quite chilly. So it is often suggested that you carry light clothes for day and a bit warm clothing to wear later in the day. Even the color of your outfits shouldn’t be very bright and provocative, instead olive, dark green, or colors that blend in with the surrounding are advised.

Jeep Safari in Corbett at times can distract and wander off animals due to their loud engines; but you need not to worry as the elephant safari available in the National Park will take of this. Usually private vehicles are not allowed inside the National park. Private guides are not entertained as the National Park has its own specially trained guides who know, which are the possible areas where sighting wildlife is safe and easy.

There are no ATMs or Money Transfer facility or the facility of Credit Card inside the National Parks; so, carry a few extra cash for your extra needs. Booking your rooms in advance is advised as during the peak seasons it gets really hard to get rooms inside the National park. Plus there are many activities limited to the tourists staying in the guest houses. For example in Corbett National Park the major sighting of wildlife species is done in Dhikala Forest Area and many safaris are only meant for tourists staying in them. The earlier you get your reservation, the better your chances of sighting wildlife.

Apart from Tiger…
Although Corbett is renowned for its Tiger sighting and Tiger Safari in India, if you don’t sight a Tiger do not be depressed as there are many exotic species of animals and birds which will take your breath away by their beauty and traits. Being located in the vicinity and environ of the mighty Himalayas, Corbett is blessed with spectacular vista and landscape. It lies in one of the most fertile belts in India gifted in many indigenous fruits and flowering trees that attracts wildlife enthusiasts.

Bird watching is a popular activity in Corbett and binoculars always come in handy. There are many species that migrate to Corbett and provide a wonderful view that makes for the picture perfect memory. Through Tiger Tour in India you learn a lot about how people and their traditions have been influenced by the wildlife. The Tiger Tourism has also provided many people a chance to sustain their livelihood.

Apart from Corbett, the other most famous Tiger Reserve in India is Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. It is the most photographed Tiger Reserve of India and maximum photographs of Tiger that people witness is from it. It is located in Rajasthan. Tiger Tourism has not only provided solace to Tigers, but it has also helped tiger population to prosper in India.