Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours

From the deep valleys of Himalaya to the lush escapes of Western Ghats to undiscovered forest treasure of North-west, India’s varied topography provides wonderful natural habitats to over 400 wildlife sanctuaries and more than 90 national parks. And this incredible range of flora and fauna marks country’s presence as a dreamland for thrilled wildlife holidays. Offering great opportunities to spot several endangered and common species, wildlife tour in India remains one of the most cherished moments of your life. From the endangered Bengal Tiger to national bird Peacock, let explore the richness of wildlife tourism in India with us.

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    Tourist Attractions in and around Jim Corbett National Park

    Established in 1936, Jim Corbett National Park is one of the oldest national parks in Asia and also one of the most sought after destinations for exploring the wild.. The first reserve to set off Project Tiger, the star attraction of..

  • Wildlife Tours in India at a Glance

    Once upon a time a shy British colonel who used to dress only in bush clothing risked his life many times to shoot the man eating tigers of the Kumaon Hills, Uttarakhand, India. Though never shot a tiger or leopard until..

  • Corbett National Park – Tigers by the Tale

    Who says wild is not beautiful? Does the sight of elephant not excite you or the birds chitter do not make you look in wonder? Yes it does! And we cannot run away from the fact that how fearful is the..