Are You Planning A Trip To Corbett? Here are Things to Bear in Mind Before You Go

by On May 12, 2014

Whether you are a passionate wildlife lover or quiet admirer, it is always recommended to do enough research before you head to an unknown place. The reasons may vary, but proper homework about the ecology and other related details about the place would turn your wildlife tour memorable. Corbett National Park, being the possessor of a diverse landscape and a distinctive weather, prompts you to evaluate in advance what to look for before going to Corbett.

General Information

Located at a height of 385-1100 m above sea level Corbett National Park is a wonderful natural landscape where you can communicate with the untouched beauty of Nature. The climate of this reserve is pleasant as the temperature ranges from a minimum of 40c in winter and a maximum of 420c in summer. The annual rainfall ranges from 1400-2800 mm and maintains the balance of the weather. There are total four zones in Corbett National Park which are Dhikala zone, Bijrani Safari Zone, Jhirna Safari Zone, and Durga Devi Safari Zone. Dhikala is known to be the most significant wildlife zone where you can see wild cats roaming in front of your vehicles. While Jhirna can be visited throughout the year, Dhikala, Bijrani and Durga Devi are accessible only from November to June every year. For the tourists who would like to visit the park round the year Sitabani is another unique option for the bird watchers. Though Sitabani does not fall under the periphery of Corbett, but the proximity of the park to Corbett makes it an inseparable part of the Corbett Jeep Safari.

How to reach Corbett National Park

By Air- Delhi is the nearest domestic & International airport to Corbett National Park.

By Rail- Ramnagar serves as headquarter to the Corbett National Park. It is well connected with other parts of the country by road as well as rail route. For Delhites who have time constraints, train is the best option. Direct trains are available from Delhi to Ramnagar. Overnight train runs from Delhi and reaches Ramnagar by dawn. One can explore any zone other than Dhikala in one day and get back to Delhi on the same day taking the late evening train running from Ramnagar.

By Bus- State transport buses regularly ply from Anand Vihar ISBT and Maharana Pratap Interstate Bus Terminus (Kashmiri Gate ISBT), Delhi. Buses also run from Moradabad and Haldwani to Ramnagar and from there you can hire private vehicles to reach Corbett National Park.

For private vehicle owners, Delhi – Hapur – Garhmukeshwar – Moradabad – Thakurdwara – Ramnagar – Corbett National Park serves as the easiest route to drive down to the park premise.

However, Ramnagar is well connected via road to Lucknow, Nainital, Haridwar, Ranikhet, and Dehradun.

Safari Details in Different Zones

The varied region of Corbett National Park is endowed with different features and thus needs to be explored as per the ideal time set by the authority. For different zones season specific timing is allotted. Usually the park opens at 05:30 in the morning and gets closed at 10:00 AM, and again opens at 02:00 PM in the afternoon and closes at 6:00 in the evening. But depending on the season, the visiting hours may vary. For detailed information about the safari timing click here

However, for getting into different zones separate entry gates are there.

Tourism Zone Entry Gate

Tourism Zone Entry Gate
Dhikala Dhangari
Bijrani Amadanda
Jhirna Jhirna gate
Domunda Durgadevi gate

To explore the interiors of different zones in Corbett National Park, jeep safari seems worthy. Tourists can book their safaris in advance and can complete their tour in one day. However, in case of Dhikala, one needs to book night-stay at the forest lodge located inside the park. To maintain the ecological balance, there are restrictions regarding the number of Jeeps allowed inside the park. Booking of the jeeps are done on first-come-first-served basis. Advance booking facility is available for Jhirna, Bijrani and Durgadevi zones. Here, one should keep it in mind the passes for jeep safari are given for half of the day at a time. For full day passes extra charges are applied. One can book evening safaris only 48 hours in advance. First-come-first-served is the rule that applies in case of booking.

Exploring the hidden gems of Corbett National Park sitting on the back of a mammoth animal can be a thrilling experience. The ride will take you to the dense forest, grassy land, deep valleys and rugged trails. Elephant safari is allowed in Dhikala and can be enjoyed by those who are staying in a forest lodge. However, an elephant ride in Bijrani is allowed only in pre-booking basis. The rides go through the buffer zone and cover the central areas of the park.

Though the number of elephants (for safari) is limited in all zones, first-come-first-serve rule applies here as well. Monday is the rest day for the elephants and elephant safaris are not organized on this day.

Where to stay in Corbett National Park

There are abundant options for a comfortable stay in Corbett National Park. From budget hotels to premium luxury resorts all are distinctive and boost your level of stay.

Luxury- Corbett Leelavilas, Corbett Hideaway, Infinity Resort, Aahana Resort, The Golden Tusk etc.

Deluxe- Wild Crest Resort, Corbett River View Retreat, Ramganga Resort, Manu Maharani Resort, Ashoka’s Tiger Trail etc.

Budget- Kamya Safari Lodge, Falcon Nest Resort, Corbett View Resort, Corbett Machaan Resort etc.

Rules and regulations to follow in Corbett National Park

The experts opine that the irrational human disturbance inside the park in itself is a challenge to the inhabitants of the park. However, to maintain the ecological balance, the forest reserve authority along with environmentalists has implemented certain restrictions for the travelers in Corbett National Park.

  • Carrying fire arms inside the Tiger Reserve is strictly prohibited.
  • Travelers are not allowed to bring their pets inside the Corbett National Park.
  • Walking & trekking inside the Tiger reserve is not allowed inside the park.
  • Driving inside the park is not allowed after sunset.
  • Tourists are not allowed to cook inside the park or to light any sort of fire.
  • All visitors should be guided by the authorized cross-filed guides.
  • Visitors need to carry a bag while going inside the park to carry back non-biodegradable litters left by them.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the park.
  • Without authorized permission fishing and angling is not allowed inside the Corbett National Park.
  • Music is not allowed inside the park.
  • Visitors are not allowed to spend more time than what they are allowed by the authority.
  • Maximum two adults and two children are allowed to stay in one accommodation in tourism zone.
  • Other than the specific route, no one is allowed to go in the core areas or to drive to the areas where flora and fauna gets disturbed.
  • Blowing horns or driving beyond the permitted limit is strictly prohibited inside the Tiger Reserve.
  • Shouting at, teasing or chasing any creature is prohibited inside the park.
  • While entering the park, visitors must get issued entry permits at the reception of Jim Corbett National Park.
  • In Bijrani Tourism Zone entry of the private buses is strictly prohibited.
  • Entry permit is not transferable and paid amount is not refundable at any cost.
  • Other than the trips organised by the Corbett Tiger Reserve, day visits to Dhikala Tourism Zone is not officially recognized.
  • Damaging trees or disturbing the natural habitat of the park is prohibited.
  • Private vehicles are not allowed to enter inside the Corbett Tiger Reserve.
  • Having non-vegetarian food or consuming alcohol inside the park is restricted.

Tips for better wildlife sighting in Corbett

  • There are innumerable options in Corbett to be explored and if you are left with a limited period of time then there is every possibility of missing the most attractive elements of the park. So, it is advisable to first decide what you want to see or what interests you more. The option includes jeep safari, elephant safari, birding, wildlife visit or even leisure walk.
  • Do the necessary research once you have planned for this adventurous trip to Corbett.
  • Travelers are advised to book their hotels in advance to avoid last minute-rush.
  • Wear dresses which have a dark shade like grey, matte brown or dark green only.
  • Do not use perfume as they contain toxic chemicals which can harm wildlife.
  • Avoid bringing kids below 12 years of age to the park. Many times it happens that the kids get frightened seeing the face of animals which may distract the animals and may create a chaotic situation.
  • Carry a complete wildlife explorer guide and a high definition camera. For photography in particular zones you may have to arrange special permission.
  • Once you are in the park follow the instructions given by your guide.
  • According to your need select the package consulting with the leading tour operators.
  • Get ready with your id proof details and other related certificates. You may need to produce them to enter the park.
  • It is advisable to maintain reasonable distance from the wild creatures for yours as well the safety of the wildlife.
  • It is better to seat properly inside the vehicle you are in. This park is not a zoo and you may face any unwelcome situation at any point of time.
  • Carry a first aid box or some basic ointment which can be of great help in time of any minor accident.
  • To get the best views of Corbett, it is better to wake up early in the morning and reach the spot at your fixed time.

Last minute note

  • For Foreign nationals, entry fees are different from Indian Nationals.
  • There is no ATM inside the park, so always keep some cash with you.
  • Do not expect a lavish life what you are habituated with in the park area or even in the lodge.
  • Always carry some basic medicines while leaving your house for Corbett.
  • Carry your personal care products instead of expecting all in your hotel.
  • If you are allergic to heat or unwilling to have sunburn do not forget to carry your sunscreen lotion.
  • Try to carry a binocular to see the animals roaming at a distance.

It is always advisable to the first-timers to consult with the tour experts if they are facing problems in booking lodges in Corbett National Park. One may not be aware enough about how to extend the duration of their stay in lodge. Moreover, how to book safari in Corbett is another query which seems challenging for the travelers going there for the first time. If you are booking an elephant safari only, it does not mean you can go for elephant safari for the starting point itself. You will be taken to the point from where the ride starts by Jeep Safari and then the ride will start accordingly.

Finally, it must be mentioned here that one may not be familiar with the level of restrictions imposed in the park. But, once you are in, you would fall in love with the mesmerizing beauty of this reserve forest. So, pack you backpack and visit India’s pride Corbett National Park this summer vacation.