20 Best Deluxe Resorts in Corbett National Park

by On Apr 25, 2014

From a normal holiday lover to an adventure geek, Corbett National Park always seems to be a paradise of natural habitats. Opaque greenery, gurgling river, foothills and incredible wildlife invite domestic as well as international vacationers to explore its vivid land. But, whenever you plan to head for a vacation, ‘where to stay’ seems to be the first question that strikes your mind. Moreover, the accommodation should always be in synch with the type of destination you are going. For modern day guests the surrounding areas of Corbett National Park have ample options. Without compromising with the level of comfort, the hospitality industry has brought deluxe category of hotels which offer lavish facilities in reasonable price range.

To help you find the best deluxe accommodations in Corbett National Park, we have prepared a list of best places to stay in Corbett. Well researched, compact, and systematic list of living spaces will inform you about the location, facilities, accommodation and available dining options in each single deluxe hotel of Corbett.

1 – Camp Riverwild Resort
Set on the outer edge of Corbett National Park, amidst abundant greenery and gurgling Koshi River, Camp Riverwild Resort is another name of lavish stay in untamed natural beauty. Smart facilities, luxurious rooms, typical forest huts and hearty treatment to the guests are the USP of this deluxe abode.

Location:- River Kosi flows by this resort and it well connected with major locations of the country. It is 275 km from Delhi, 30 km from Ramnagar and 95km from Nainital.

Rooms and ambiance:- There are 6 suites in this resort which are painstakingly built with thatched roof, wooden walls, and rounded corridors to make you feel the charm of spending time amid open natural meadows. The resort premise houses conference hall and recreation centre that  add to the uniqueness of this hotel.

Facilities:- Grab your bite from the multi-cuisine restaurant and taste the scrumptious dishes. Other than private viewing decks, the resort has separate health and information centre and for tacking health related troubles; doctor on call facility is also available. Air conditioned rooms are furnished with double beds and separate luggage storage facilities are also available.

2 – Wild Crest Resort:
Being one of the most exotic deluxe hotels in Corbett National Park, this resort offers you an opportunity of comfortable stay amidst the serenity of unpolluted natural milieu. The design of the abode is imposing and at night it looks like a castle of tranquility.

Location: – Located at a distance of the 270 km from Delhi, Wild Crest Resort is an ideal destination for staying in the periphery of Corbett. Nearest rail station Ramnagar is only 7 km from the resort and from Nainital it is 58 km. This centrally located resort is connected with all major gates of the park.  The main entrance gate to the park is only 5 km away from this resort.

Rooms and ambiance:- 55 air conditioned rooms of this resort are set amidst peaceful site to offer you relief from the unwanted noise of metros. River Kosi is not very far from the hotel and makes an ideal spot for evening walk.

Facilities: – Each room has designed closets and spacious luggage store and television sets for entertainment. Other modern facilities like jacuzzi, and sit-out spaces are also available to add to your comfort.

3 – Corbett River View Retreat:
A perfect retreat for the holidayers to hardcore wildlife lovers, hotel Corbett River View Retreat is a splendid place to stay in Jim Corbett national park. Overlooking the lush greenery of neighboring hills and scenic beauty of the Kosi River, this resort stands on a beguiling site to attract tourists dying for a comfortable stay in the periphery of this great national park.

Location:- From Delhi it is 277 km away and from Nainital, the distance is 65 km. Ramnagar is the nearest railway station to this resort.

Rooms and ambiance: – The resort has 32 villas attached with separate kitchen and garden. Well furnished and air-conditioned rooms are designed with simple yet classy designs to add to its exclusiveness. Capture some precious moments of rare species of birds and small creatures on your camera from the open lawn.

Facilities: – Relax yourself in its impressive swimming pool. Get involved in Volleyball, Cricket, Croquet, Archery or Dart. Evening bonfire at the hotel premise is a wonderful option to enjoy your fun-time. For the boozers, the Grill & Bar has wonderful options. Do not forget to taste the variety of dishes available in its multi-cuisine restaurant.

4 – Ramganga Resort:
One of the best places to stay in Corbett National Park, Ramganga Resort is an ideal retreat for a lavish stay. Surrounded by lush green vegetation and lofty hills at a distance this imposing hotel is located on the northern boundary of the main park premise. Enjoy the exotic natural view of the snow-packed Himalaya from the lawn and start your day listening to the chirping of the rare species of birds.

Location: – Located on the right bank of Ramganga River, this resort is 15 mile from Ramnagar Railway Station. Moreover, Dhikala is 12 mile and Durga Devi gate is 8 mile away from this calm and cool resort.

Rooms and ambiance: – The 30 rooms of this resort are mainly divided into three categories known as safari tent, super deluxe rooms and supreme rooms. The rooms are equipped with necessary equipments like tea and coffee- maker. Super deluxe rooms offer splendid sight of the gurgling Kosi River and lofty mountains and from the terrace.

Facilities:- The dinning space is designed with utter care to make you feel the charm of dining in pure natural surroundings. The exterior of the restaurant is designed with climbing trees that adds to its natural ambiance. Scrumptious cuisines will satisfy your taste buds. Adding to its retreating elements, the hotel has separate swimming pool for adult as well as kids. For the avid readers there is a separate library in this resort and for the sport lovers, options are available for enjoying both indoor as well as outdoor activities.

6- Manu Maharani Resort:
If you want to make your stay in Corbett, memorable and classy, do not forget to book Manu Maharani Resort. Nestled amidst astounding natural beauty enhanced with deep green forest and lofty cliffs, this resort is more than just an ordinary place to stay.

Location: – The resort is 270 km away from Delhi and 8 km from Ramnagar. The route connecting Ramnagar and Manu Maharani Resort passes through the opaque forests of Bijrani which makes you feel great.

Rooms and ambiance:- The 50 spacious rooms of this hotel are equipped with all modern facilities among which some are air-conditioned. The rooms are spacious and airy. The garden is overlooks the Kosi River and you can go for a stroll on its open space.

Facilities:- If you are here with your kids, separate baby-sitting arrangement can be availed on demand. Apart from in-house parking for cars, bus-parking facility is also available here. For your relaxing bath, go for swimming on the private swimming pool of the hotel.

7 – Ashoka’s Tiger Trail:

The exclusive varieties of accommodations at Ashoka’s Tiger Trail welcome the guests with exotic essence of luxurious stay. Nestled amidst a luxuriant tropical forest flourishing with rich variety of flora and fauna, hotel is an ideal place to spend time in the outskirts of the Corbett National Park.

Location:- Located on the southern border of the Corbett National Park, this the vicinity of this hotel comprises wonderful scenic view. Ramnagar is the nearest rail station to this exotic resort.

Rooms and ambiance:- The most significant element of this hotel is the unique variety of abodes. The 26 rooms of the hotel are divided into different categories such as Tree Top Cottage, Tiger Den Room, Mud Cottage, Victorian Cottage, Deluxe Rooms, Royal Cottage etc. To bring out the originality of each accommodation, each living space is designed with special care.

Facilities:- Dinning at Ashoka’s Tiger Trailis is an amazing experience. The multi-cuisine restaurant offers a wonderful variety of dishes; you should, especially, not miss the Kumauni cuisine.

8 – Tiger Camp:
What do you look for in a hotel, just a simple shelter and food or amalgam of extensive variety of facilities? If your need for hotel is beyond ordinary taste and choice, Tiger Camp is the ultimate option for you. Located close to the most famous National Park in India, this resort can offer you the best views of lofty mountain and gurgling river Koshi.

Location:- Located at a distance of 270 km from Delhi, this resort is an amazing stay on the Dhikuli village of Ramnagar.

Rooms and ambiance:- Surprisingly stylish and spacious rooms of this hotel are divided into three sub-categories: Deluxe Cottage, Superior Room and Standard Cottage. Hospitality and serving system of the hotel is hearty.

Facilities:- Doctor on call is the facility which is of great importance in this forested land. For your convenience, the hotel can arrange Nature walks, Himalayan trip or Jungle Safari as well.

9 – The Den Corbett:
Built amidst abundant greenery and refreshing environ, The Den Corbett is like a castle in opaque forest. Facilitated with all modern amenities, this resort functions as an escape from the maddening city life and allows you to spend cosy moments with your dear ones.

Location:- It is located at Mohan in Corbett. It is around 290 km away from Delhi and the nearest railway station is Ramnagar.

Rooms and ambiance:- Adding to its luxurious stay, the resort houses 40 accommodations designed with ultimate elegance. The black wood furniture and colourful stone pieces enhance the beauty of the interior. There are private decks in some of the rooms and living rooms are spacious and airy.

Facilities:- For relaxing your mind after the day-long adventurous activities, the hotel has an entertainment centre. The spa therapy centre rejuvenates you. There is a special activity room for the kids where special arrangements are made for their ultimate fun.

10- Tarika’S Jungle Park:
Located at the Kumaon foothills, Tarika’s Jungle Park is positioned in between Corbett National Park and garrulous Kosi River. Offering some of the best views of the undulating mountains, this resort mesmerizes holidayers and adventurers with immaculate hospitality.

Location:- Detached from the harsh lifestyle of metros this resort is built amidst abundant greenery of a calm and serene village Ladhua Chaur, Dhikuli. The nearest bus as well as rail station is Ramnagar which is around 270 km away from Delhi.

Rooms and ambiance:- The 46 air-conditioned rooms of this resort are facilitated with all modern facilities. Depending on the additional comfort offered, the rooms are divided into different categories such as double rooms, deluxe rooms, luxury rooms, cottage and suite. Each room has attached kitchenette, mini bar, luggage bracket and snacks basket for your ultimate comfort.

Facilities:- Dinning in its restaurant is an unforgettable experience. Reputed chefs keep on experimenting with the dishes to bring variety and flavor to the delicious dishes. The outdoor activities include fishing, birding, trekking and river crossing whereas snooker, tombola and billiard table are the indoor activities to be enjoyed. Discotheque, Swimming pool, playroom for kids and spa-centre add to the comfort of your luxurious stay.

12- Corbett Riverside Resort:
If you want to escape from your busy schedule and hectic corporate life and want to spend some quality time with your family Corbett Riverside Resort is a tranquil location for an elegant stay. Certainly different from the plush abodes of metros this resort is positioned in an astounding ambiance overlooking the highly raised mountains and pristine river.

Location: – Situated at a distance of 07 km from the Bijrani Gate of the reserve forest this resort is an amazing accommodation on the bank of River Kosi. It is around 280 km from Delhi and the nearest railway station is Ramnagar.

Rooms and ambiance: – The 28 well furnished rooms are equipped with all basic amenities. The rooms are spacious and airy with some having glass walls to offer the best views of the surrounding vicinity.

Facilities: – In terms of hotel facilities and amenities, the resort proves its excellence. The multi-cuisine restaurant offers a variety of dishes among which the veg ones taste different for the fresh vegetables collected from the hotel farm. To offer comfort during summer, the resort has a swimming pool while during winter season, bonfire is set at the hotel. Join the gym and health center to remove all fatigue or rejuvenate yourself with the Ayurvedic therapies.

13- Tarangi Resort & Spa:
Being an eco-friendly resort in Corbett National Park, Tarangi Resort & Spa exude stunning ambiance to attract travelers. The accommodations are constructed as model huts with thatched roof and typical brick walls. Abundant greenery encloses the hotel with refreshing elements what functions well for cooling mind and soul of the city dwellers.

Location: – Located at Dhikuli village near Ramnagar, this river side resort is a fascinating accommodation in Corbett. The hotel is around 275 km from Delhi and 10 kms from the Ramnagar Railway Station.

Rooms and ambiance:- 21 well facilitated rooms of this hotel are divided into three categories – garden view cottage, river view cottage & river view suites. An ideal location for the summer vacationers or wildlife lovers, the hotel offers opportunities to stay amidst the bare natural scenario.

Facilities:- The rooms in this resort are equipped with music system, internet connection, and laundry service. For meeting and conferences facilities are also available in this hotel. Rejuvenate yourself in the hotel’s spa or get Ayurvedic massage for full body relaxation.

14- Wood Castle Resort:
When the name itself describes about the quality of the stay it hardly needs any description and same applies in case of Wood Castle Resort. More like an edifice of bravura this hotel is nestled amidst rich variety of flora and fauna. Lush green grassland and exotic shrubs enclose the resort with abundant green and freshness.

Location:- Located at a distance of 270 km from Delhi and 10 km from Ramnagar, this is a stunning accommodation in the periphery of Corbett.

Rooms and ambiance:- There are 60 stylishly built rooms in this hotel which offer classy views and the amenities offered at each accommodation add to the comfort. The resort lies on the foothill of Shivalik Range which seems to be the most amazing feature of this hotel.

Facilities:- Enjoy the assortment of Indian, Chinese, and Continental dishes in its multi-cuisine restaurant. Recharge yourself in its authentic spa or take relaxing Ayurvedic treatment. Sports space is available for enjoying cricket, table tennis, or even volley ball.

15- Corbett Fun Resort:
Positioned amidst astounding natural view and easy to commute, Corbett Fun Resort is a hotel near tourist attractions of India’s reputed wildlife reserve, Corbett National Park. Beautiful building, spacious rooms, scrumptious cuisines and at last warm hospitality of the staff members will compel you for a second visit to this property.

Location: – Located in Teda, Ramnagar, this wonderful accommodation is one of the best options to stay near Corbett National Park. From Delhi it is 275 km away and takes around 6-7 hours to reach. Ramnagar Kosi Reservoir is very close to this resort and adds to its tourist attractions.

Rooms and ambiance:- The15 well-furnished rooms of this hotel are divided into three main categories such as 10 Garden cottages, 2 Pool cottages and 3 Jungle cottages. Each room is facilitated with all modern amenities and experienced staff members take special care to the requirements and needs of the guests.

Facilities:- The multi-cuisine restaurant of this hotel offers wonderful varieties of Indian as well as Chinese dishes. Indian cuisines served by the hotel include Punjabi, North Indian as well as South Indian dishes. Having lunch or dinner watching the stunning views of the rivers and hills is incredible. The hotel can offer tailor-made packages to those who have not planned yet want to see the nearby attractions. Facilities for indoor activities, intercom, and guide on call are the facilities which add to the uniqueness of this hotel.

16- 3 Palms Wild Exotica Corbett:
Whether in terms of architectural view or natural surrounding hotel 3 Palms Wild Exotica Corbett wins the heart of the travelers. Carefully set amidst abundant greenery to make you feel fresh and energetic, this hotel will make your stay in Corbett National Park memorable. Unprecedented exquisiteness, warm hospitality, beguiling setting, and world class facilities mesmerize the guests with abundant grace and elegance.

Location:- Located at Dhikuli in Ramnagar, this resort is around 269km from Delhi and very close to the main park area. River Kosi flows by this resort which enhances its scenic beauty.

Rooms and ambiance:- The 28 elegantly designed rooms of this hotel are equipped with plush facilities. The rooms are divided into three categories such as Exotica Superior Room, Exotica Luxury Room, and Exotica Luxury Dlx. Each room of this resort offers panoramic views of the jungle and the Kosi River and makes you feel the real charm of living in wild environ.

Facilities:- Apart from the daily necessary amenities, the resort has other facilities like Indoor & outdoor activities, library, Kids playing ground, Multi cuisine restaurant and many more. The guests can plunge into arrays of wine and beverages in poolside places.

17- Corbett Aroma Park:
Whether you are visiting the vicinity in the scorching summer or chilling winter, Corbett Aroma Park welcomes you with the same elegance round the year. Stunningly built at the foothills of Kumaon Himalayas, this hotel offers world class facilities at reasonable price. An ideal place for relaxing during your most awaited holidays, it hosts spacious rooms with wonderful views of abundant greenery.

Location:- Located at a distance of 260 km from Delhi hotel Corbett Aroma Park is a plush accommodation at Dhikuli in Ramnagar.

Rooms and ambiance:- The 20 well appointed rooms of this resort offer 4 Deluxe Cottage Rooms & Sunrise Rooms  with 4 rooms in each cottage. The conference hall at this hotel can accommodate 50 guests for both formal as well as informal meet. The rooms are designed with classy touch imbibed in each element.

Facilities:- A/C cottages are set with spacious living room and private gallery. Open green lawn allows you to roam at leisure time in the evening. Get involved in various indoor and outdoor activities offered by the hotel.

18- Myrica Anand Van Resort:
One of the most exotic living accommodations in Corbett National Park, Myrica Anand Van Resort is a premium option for your classy stay. Imposingly set at the foothill of Himalaya, this resort overlooks emerald green ambiance and makes your vacation pleasant and memorable for the entire life. Certainly different from a multi-storied castle-like edifice, this resort presents simplicity as its trademark.

Location:- Located at Dhikuli, Ramnagar at the foothill of Kumaun hills of Himalaya, this resort attract attention for its attractive natural ambiance. Delhi is around 270 km from this hotel and the nearest railway station is Ramnagar.

Rooms and ambiance:- The 16 well furnished rooms of this hotel are airy and spacious enough to relax freely enjoying the scenic beauty through the large panel windows. The living spaces are attached with neat and clean washrooms which are maintained in regular basis.

Facilities:- The culinary options at the Myrica Anand Van’s multi-cuisine restaurant are scrumptious. The expert chefs try to prepare the best dishes using ingredients from across the world. For relaxing during summer days, the hotel vicinity has a swimming pool. Enjoy the Kumauni cultural shows organized by the hotel on a regular basis.

19- V Resort, Corbett:
Placed amidst a fascinating natural ambiance V Resort, Corbett is one of the finest budget hotels in Corbett. One of the best accommodations for a noise free stay, it treats the guest with all modern amenities. This ethnic resort is surrounded by dense forest and the nearby river bed is an ideal place for a evening walk. There is no restriction on a lantern walk at night inside the forest as the resort is located in the buffer zone. Experience a rejuvenating stay in its hut-like living spaces and have a glimpse of the wildlife living in their natural surroundings.

Location:- Located at a distance of around 271 km from Delhi, V Resort, Corbett is an interesting destination at kyari in Corbett buffer zone. The resort is around 7 km inside the jungle, where enormous species of animals like Tigers, Elephants, Peacocks, Deers etc are found roaming in their natural habitat.

Rooms and ambiance:- There are a total  of 14 rooms which have bed rooms along with common room(s), large lawns and open sit out area in this resort.

Facilities:- The rooms are connected with air-conditioning systems and some of the rooms have TV sets as well. Mainly the hotel is reputed for its neighbouring locations where a lot of adventurous activities can be enjoyed.

20- Le Roi Resort:
Another fantastic accommodation in the lap of splendid natural beauty, Le Roi Resort is an ideal destination for those who love to maintain comfort within a reasonable budget. A beautiful abode that exudes sophistication, it overlooks the Himalayan emerald green forest. Refreshing airy rooms are adorned with large glass windows to let you commune with abundant greenery for the whole day. The forest by the resort side are full of wild flower trees, sandal and various fruit species what fill the air of this vicinity with amusing the natural fragrance.

Location:- Located at Ladua Chaur in Dhikuli, Ram Nagar Le Roi Resort is a wonderful option of a comfortable stay in the periphery of Corbett. From Delhi, the resort is around 270 km and attracts mainly leisure travellers and business guests.

Rooms and ambiance:- The resort has 24 rooms which are designed with impressive architectural magnificence. Wooden floor, large glass windows, and antique furniture make you feel elegant. Dining space of the hotel is designed with utmost care to bring out the aristocratic feel.

Facilities:- The hotel facilities and amenities in Le Roi Resort is exceptional indeed. It has an in-house multi-cuisine restaurant which offers wide varieties of domestic as well as international culinary options. Next to the grill house there is an in-built bar where you can have both Indian as well as international liquor. The hotel has foreign exchange facility, coffee shop, intercom and other basic amenities. For rejuvenating your inner soul the hotel has a swimming pool as well as fitness centre.

 So, it was in a nutshell about the splendid deluxe resorts in Corbett National Park. Each accommodation in Corbett has its own USP and tries to provide the visitors with the best possible facilities in that distant forested land.

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