Wildlife Tours

Wildlife Tours

From the deep valleys of Himalaya to the lush escapes of Western Ghats to undiscovered forest treasure of North-west, India’s varied topography provides wonderful natural habitats to over 400 wildlife sanctuaries and more than 90 national parks. And this incredible range of flora and fauna marks country’s presence as a dreamland for thrilled wildlife holidays. Offering great opportunities to spot several endangered and common species, wildlife tour in India remains one of the most cherished moments of your life. From the endangered Bengal Tiger to national bird Peacock, let explore the richness of wildlife tourism in India with us.

  • corbett-fall

    Corbett Rejoices as Tourists Trickle in Record Numbers

    While religious tourism in Uttarakhand is yet to recover fully from the devastating flood that hit the state in 2013, wildlife tourism is picking up nicely putting behind the sad memories of the disaster. Jim Corbett National Park, in particular, has..

  • Corbett Nainital Tour

    Offering a perfect mélange of nature meeting the wildlife, the Corbett-Nainital Tour is ideal for those seeking respite from the mundane life. Corbett National Park, sprawling over two districts in Uttarakhand makes one of the finest places for wildlife holidays in..

  • corbett-dhikala-pakage

    Dhikala Tour Package

    Your trip to Corbett National Park is incomplete if you have not been to the Dhikala Forest Lodge. The beautiful lodge, located amid the vast and dense jungle of Corbett Park is only 30 kilometers from Dhangadi Gate. It enfolds the..

  • Elephant Safari Tour Corbett

    Are you an adventure seeker? Do you want to experience the thrilling jungle safari? How about an exclusive elephant safari in the mysterious thick forests, deep valleys, and the rugged trails of Corbett National Park? Well, the idea is great! The..

  • Corbett Dhikala Jeep Safari Tour

    Jeep Safari in the Corbett National Park is an ideal way to explore the wonderful wildlife of the park and spot Jungle’s most incredible animals and birds. Millions of tourists visit this popular wildlife sanctuary to spot Tigers as it maintains..

  • Jim Corbett National Park Bird Watching Expedition Tour

    Watching your favorite bird in the beautiful surroundings of the Himalayan territory is the best thing you can do on your trip to the famous Jim Corbett National Park. The beauty of this amazing feathered animal can engage you for several..

  • Corbett Dhela Zone

    Corbett National Park Opens the New Zone, Dhela for Tourists

    Corbett National Park opened a new zone for tourists on Monday. Covering an area of 521 sq km, Dhela is the sixth zone in the park and is known to house the endangered tigers, bears, elephants and leopards. This zone is..

  • Priyanka Gandhi Visit Corbett

    Priyanka Gandhi Visited Corbett National Park with Kids

    Daughter of Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi enjoyed her stay in Corbett National Park. She was there with her kids and relished every bit of this family time. Though she could not sight tiger in the first two days, the third day..

  • corbett-tiger

    The Evolution of Corbett National Park: A Journey from Mayhem to Tranquillity

    When tourists plan to visit Corbett National Park, they feel glad and an unbound world of imagination floats in front of their eyes. That’s natural! After all they are going to enter India’s first national park. Associated with the memories of..

  • corbett-elephant-safari

    Jeep Safari or Elephant Safari: What is Your Pick?

    Wildlife safari is an adventure that allows a wildlife freak to explore the deepest secrets of the wild. It takes tourists to the trails of untainted horizons of forests. Moreover, for enjoying wildlife photography in the best way, safari is the..

  • Corbett Elephant Safari

    Can You Visit Corbett During the Monsoon Season?

    As the monsoon season approaches, a question that many of us have in our minds is whether or not one can visit Jim Corbett National Park during the monsoon. The fact that there are conflicting stories going around that the park..

  • A Detailed Guide to Wildlife Photography in Corbett National Park

    There cannot be a hobby more exciting than capturing the fastest moments in digital lens. Going beyond the realm of professional photographers or paid photography, capturing moments in the lenses has become more of a passion today. In India, the quest..

  • Wildlife Conservation Projects in Corbett- Saving the Wilderness!

    Jim Corbett National Park is a diadem of Uttarakhand in terms of wildlife tourism. It is the first national park in the Asian continent and is known for its exotic flora and fauna. It is the center for three countrywide conservation..

  • kosi-river

    Rivers in and around Corbett: Lifeline for the Thriving Wildlife!

    The land of trumpets and roar, Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand is the perfect place to enjoy your break among some of the most ferocious and beautiful creatures on earth. You can also soak in the mesmerizing panoramas of the..

  • Edward James Corbett – The Man behind the Jim Corbett National Park

    Being one of the oldest virgin woods of Asia, the Jim Corbett National Park is the dream destination of many wildlife lovers and I’m no exception. I also love to explore the pristine wilderness concealed in the dense forest, but this..

  • fishing-in-corbett

    Corbett- A Perfect Destination For Fishing & Angling

    An empyrean for all the wildlife aficionados, Corbett National Park is situated in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand. Established in 1936, Jim Corbett National Park is the first protected area in the country to be recognized as a national park. This..

  • safari-in-corbett

    How to Better Facilitate Wildlife Sighting

    India is a very fascinating country. There is an abundance of diversity in India, the biggest reason being the varied topography and the supporting climate. The country can be classified into 10 different bio-geographical zones, which can be further divided into..

  • Bird Watching Tour in Corbett National Park

    Nainital-meaning ‘the lake of the eye’- opens the way to Corbett National Park and its mystical eco-adventure landscapes. The park provides the perfect setting to enjoy the many wonders that it has to offer – a series of big rides, self-catering..